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Strong and caring!

We are proud to say we are a small, strong teamworking together in the practice, we share the same values in caring for our individual patients trying to find the best solution for their distinct problem. We believe that mutual respect and building a good, strong relationship with our patients is the key aspect to successful treatment.  When we work together the better the result for you and your bones!


Why did I become a doctor? In fact I am an Orthopedic Surgeon with every bone in my body.  Even after 25 years working as an Orthopedic surgeon it is still fascinating for me to see bones, tendons and muscles working together harmoniously and in perfect precision. And each and every day gives me the opportunity to work with the wonder of the human body. I might just be adjusting, tuning, helping things to run smoothly again and preventing illness.

To achieve this, I want to work together with you. It will take commitment from both sides to find the best individual way for you to solve your problems – Let’s do it together!


Dr. Ulrike Sostheim